Thursday, August 20, 2009

Catching up

I had a feeling this blogging would be more than I could handle. Now I'm having to do it with my phone, which is pretty painful for me.
Tad got moved in on Sunday. On Monday the girls did wedding stuff and we guys went shopping. Tad needed a shelf/tv stand, a tv, and a router. We started at Ikea and got the shelf. Next we went to Best Buy, Target, and Walmart pricing tvs and routers; we got the router at Walmart. Then we snuck in Sams and found the tv on clearance. We convinced them to sell it to us even though we didn't have a membership. Technically they gave us a one day temporary membership. All of the shopping and going from store to store took almost an hour. When we walked out of Sams, Tate remarked, "This makes four stores we've been in and out of in record time today. (not Best Buy, the other four)
So we got that set up in Tad's room and walked the campus, then headed to Tina's cousin's house, where we set up camp for three days.

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Renee' Miller said...

So glad ya'll made it to Texas safely. Can't wait til the Big Day on Saturday!!

Love Ya'll...Renee'