Saturday, September 27, 2008

How's that for a battery?

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El Presidente

Yeah, it's been awhile. I have been busy, and have so much to blog about. Some of which will have to wait until I read my company's policy on blogging, as it is work related. Suffice it to say that is part of the busyness. Hopefully having so many of these thoughts and ideas will keep me motivated to post more frequently.

With so many topics to choose from for this blog, I asked Tina to give me a topic, then I basically forced her to ( in a nice way), and she came up with the presidential election. That wasn't really one of the topics I had in mind, but if it takes me this long until my next blog, well it would be to late for this topic. I won't get too political for you here hopefully. According to most polls, whatever I say will not sit well with about half of the people in our country, but oh well, the other half will think I'm cool.

My favorite candidate did not make the final two. Actually, I think there were a couple of candidates I would have wanted to vote for over the final two. I think Huckaby and/or Thompson would have been good choices. I've had trouble getting excited about McCain. So that leaves me with Obama. He seems likeable, is a Christian, and is fairly new to the political arena. I am a little disappointed with the state of the Washington climate, so a new guy sounds like a good idea.

However, after doing more research and listening to the first debate, I can tell you the vote is going to be for McCain unless something happens to change my mind. Obama's policies and ideas are either unrealistic or socialistic. His goal in the debate of trying to link McCain to Bush seemed very political and did not address the issues. His ideas on the economy seem to want to punish the top 5% of income earners. Now, I'm nowhere near that group, but the idea seems to be one that would stifle the ingenuity and creativity that have made this country strong. Also, McCain was correct in saying that Obama's ideas on giving everyone access to free healthcare is turning over our health insurance to the federal government. That is the wrong answer.

McCain's answers on cutting spending were just what I wanted to hear. Yeah, I know, they always tell you what you want to hear. But he has been enough of a maverick for me to believe he will at least attempt to curb spending. When the questions switched to foreign policy, McCain basically delivered the knock-out punch. McCain is head and shoulders above Obama when it comes to being knowledgeable and able to make foreign policy decisions.

As for Vice-Presidents I don't really have a strong feeling between the two choices. Biden has more experience in Washington, but Palin brings experience at an executive position, plus she has dealt with governmental reform, which I think may come in handy in the current economic environment. I will say this, Palin has sure taken tremendous abuse from the media, and is still handling it well. The interviews she has done have been so widely distributed, edited, and misconstrued that many people I think are believing some of the false accusations against her strictly because of the volume of stuff they read about on the internet. Just because a lot of people or media say something false, it's still false.

There are many other thoughts, ideas, and reasons for picking the candidates, but this hits the highlights I suppose. At least the highlights of my thoughts right now. Anyway, I usually stay away from politics, and many people who have made it this far would say I should keep it that way, but hey it's my blog.